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Be You Group runs many programs and projects, all with the charitable purpose of advancing the performing arts, specifically music theatre.

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Be You Group is a Melbourne-based organisation dedicated to empowering performers, challenging industry norms, and providing diverse opportunities within the musical theatre community. The organisation operates on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation and emphasises respect for their storytelling traditions.

Be You Ed focuses on imparting practical and theoretical knowledge across all areas of performance and production. This arm aims to educate and inform the industry, thereby strengthening it as a whole through workshops, concerts, shows, and mentoring.

Be You Productions is a professional independent theatre company in Melbourne. It strives to create sustainable theatre through an Ethical Profit Share model, ensuring fair compensation for contributors. Its productions, like "Lucky Stiff," aim to blend entertainment with the development of talents and stories, emphasising open auditions, transparency, and a focus on story over spectacle​​.

Be New is dedicated to developing and nurturing new Australian works of music theatre. It provides a platform for artists to develop their work to a stage-ready level through iterative feedback, collaboration with creatives and mentors, and opportunities for table reads and stand-and-sing sessions. The focus here is on the story and journey rather than the immediate staging, offering an intermediate step between concept and a full marketable show​​.

Be You Underground offers personal brand development and consultation for performers, with services including personalized brand consultation, self-tape/showreel feedback, and advice on marketing and standing out in the industry. Led by experienced professionals in performance, casting direction, communications, and talent agency work, it aims to empower performers to achieve their full potential​​.


Broadway Unplugged serves as Australia's Musical Theatre industry night, offering a supportive environment for performers to showcase their talents. It is produced bi-monthly at The Toff in Town, emphasising inclusivity, support, and fundraising through volunteer efforts, save for the band and host who receive a small stipend. The event provides a platform for both emerging and established artists to perform, connect with the community, and contribute to the development of Melbourne's artistic scene​​.

Together, these arms of the Be You Group contribute to a more inclusive, supportive, and diverse musical theatre community in Melbourne, offering various opportunities for performers, writers, and creatives to develop, showcase, and thrive within the industry.

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