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Seeking Team Members

We’re always looking to expand our operations teams and get some new perspectives on how we can better support our community. We have many small projects that we'd love a hand with, and any role would be extremely part time and suited to people who enjoy theatre, love giving back to the community, and ethical.

If you'd like to join one of our projects for a short or long time, please let us know! We will use the following form to get in contact if an opportunity comes up, so please fill it out and we'll reach out.


Broadway Unplugged seeking an Artist Whisperer and Communications Maestro

Broadway Unplugged is looking for an Artist Whisperer and Communications Maestro to join our team. This position is offered on a volunteer basis as all team members of Broadway Unplugged are volunteers.

You will be responsible for fostering strong and meaningful relationships with artists, ensuring effective communication channels, and spreading the word about them and our concert series.

We would love you to work with our communications director and videographer to:

  • Conduct interviews and gather engaging stories from artists to showcase their unique talents and experiences.

  • Collaborate in developing and implementing effective communication strategies that align with Broadway Unplugged's mission and brand voice.

  • Support the social media team in creating captivating content, including artist spotlights, behind-the-scenes peeks, and concert highlights.

  • Continuously seek opportunities to enhance artist engagement and communication, such as organising artist meet-ups, networking events, or informative sessions.

With us, you will:

  • Gain valuable experience in content creation, artist communication, and event coordination within the music theatre industry.

  • Connect and collaborate with professionals in the music theatre industry, expanding your network of contacts.

  • Showcase your creativity through crafting compelling artist stories and contributing to captivating social media content.

  • Make a positive impact on the music theatre community by volunteering for a charity organisation that brings joy to audiences and supports talented artists.

  • Foster personal growth and skill development in a supportive and collaborative team environment.

  • Access behind-the-scenes knowledge of event management, artist coordination, and production processes in the music theatre industry.

  • Receive recognition and appreciation for your contributions, while being part of a supportive and enthusiastic volunteer community.


Join us as our Artist Whisperer and Communications Maestro for Broadway Unplugged, and be part of an extraordinary volunteer team that brings the magic of music theatre to life. Together, we will create unforgettable experiences and nurture a vibrant and inclusive music theatre community.

Applications will close 17 June for this opportunity.

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