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Developing and nurturing new Australian works of music theatre


We imagine a thriving new works community here in Melbourne.

There are so many talented artists and stories, and we shouldn’t have to import our stories to make theatre.


Be New wants to see this world into existence and create the platforms to make this happen.

2024 Program

What is Be New?

Currently, there are very few spaces for artists to develop their work to be in a position to get their shows out to a wider audience. Australia has so many talented writers, whose stories aren’t being heard because there simply aren’t many frameworks to support these stories to grow.

Writing is an iterative process, therefore Be New is focussed on the journey rather than the destination. We will be here to provide objective feedback and the tools to test your work in a low-stakes environment so you are equipped to succeed. 

It can be challenging as an emerging writer to know how to get from a first concept draft to a fully realised show. All too often, new shows in Australia jump directly from writing to staging and are subsequently forgotten. These new works have great potential but lack polish, and this creates obstacles for producers picking up the show at any point in the future.

Using a Broadway model of workshopping as a guide, we hope to create an intermediate step between having a concept or short excerpt and having a full, marketable show. Here the focus isn’t on the staging but on the story, so there is time to play with your story and see where it takes you.

There’s no rush, no deadline in having to have a full production ready.

The focus is all on you.

Through Be New we want to create a flourishing community of writers, who feel empowered to share their stories, and provide the tools to get their works out there.


We think this is not only great for writers, but turns the spotlight on the incredible stories that Australian artists have to share.

The Be New Writing Workshop

The Be New Writing Workshop is a program focusing on writing and crafting the story that you want to tell.

  • 3-hour sessions once a week

  • Collaboration with creatives and mentors (two different works will be included in the program, with teams or individuals at the helm).

  • The opportunity for table reads and stand-and-sing sessions.

How Can I Get Involved?

Sign up to our Instagram page to stay informed.

What Do We Ask of You?

Writers, bring us your stories and ideas!

We’re looking for full (90-min+) shows to workshop and develop over the course. Obviously, these don’t need to be complete works (that’s what we’re here to help you with), but this program is designed for creatives who already have formed concepts and ideally some existing material.

Musical theatre shows only; unfortunately we aren’t catering to other performance types or cabaret shows.

Perks of the Program

  • Meet other writers and form a writer’s circle, where you can share ideas, and get feedback on your own work.

  • Multiple opportunities to have your work read and sung aloud at table-read style events; We think it is important and valuable to hear your words spoken by living, breathing people, giving you more concrete information about how your show lands.

  • In depth one-on-one feedback from objective parties about your writing and advice on how to develop it.

  • Workshop style discussions on tools for writing to provide alternate perspectives to help hone your craft.

  • Once the workshop is complete you’ll have the opportunity to show your work to the public, in an open, table-read style event to generate interest in your work and to celebrate the evolution of your show.

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