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Brand You

Our Services

Personalised brand consultation for artists, freelancers, and performers. Get guidance on marketing, personal branding, and standing out in the industry.

Get expert feedback and advice on your self-tape or showreel submissions from Brendan, an agent, casting director, and brand consultant.

What is Brand You?

Our community members have expressed a lack of knowledge in marketing themselves as artists or representing their brand. Let us help change that! Our Maybe This Time program has successfully taught these skills and we're eager to share this knowledge with those in need.

Brand You is run by Be You.

What do we offer?

A taste of what we bring to the table, through our skills in both the business of music theatre, agency representation, and psychology will support our services and help you to beat the system.

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Providing reflection

How are you coming across to others? We’ll help you understand what producers are looking for, and how you can improve your online presence.


The Team


Brendan - Lead Consultant

Brendan Consultation.png

Brendan Jelley (he/him) is an Agent, Casting Director,  and Communications Specialist with a background as a performer.


As a brand consultant specialising in personal brand development for performers, Brendan brings a unique perspective to the table. With a background in performance, casting direction, communications, and talent agency work, storytelling has always been his passion.

He believes in empowering performers to achieve their full potential. He challenges stigma, creates opportunities, and share insights through his own experiences in order to help create supportive environments in what can be a tough industry.

Through his experience, he's developed a keen eye for identifying the unique qualities that make performers stand out in the industry. He leverages this expertise to help his clients develop and communicate their personal brand in a way that is both authentic and engaging.

Bradley - Consulting Advisor

Brad Consulation.png

Bradley (he/they) is an accredited coach providing personalised career guidance and brand development for performers, creatives, and business leaders. With a passion for leadership and a holistic approach to sociology and social systems, Bradley holds degrees in leadership, business, management, and applied psychology.

As the founder and CEO of Be You, Bradley has extensive experience in running production companies, casting processes, and performing arts studios. He also created and leads the 'Maybe This Time' Professional Development Program, which helps emerging artists develop their brand and navigate the industry.

Bradley's ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone has access to paid performance opportunities. He is committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that every performer has the opportunity to shine.

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