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Our 2023 Show is Lucky Stiff

Lucky Stiff is the heartwarming tale of a man, a corpse, and a whole lot of money. Harry Witherspoon, a down-on-his-luck shoe salesman, inherits a fortune from his dead uncle, but there's a catch: he has to drag the old man's embalmed body to Monte Carlo for one last hurrah. Along the way, Harry finds love, adventure, and the true meaning of family (even if it's with a deceased relative).

Wednesday 23 - Sunday 27 August 2023 

at the MC Showroom

Another Production Company?

Our point of difference is our priority:

creating and supporting sustainable theatre.


Be You Productions is a Melbourne based professional independent theatre company that strives to create sustainable theatre using an Ethical Profit Share model to pay our people for their work.

We're staging productions

and sharing everything we experience and learn with you.

We believe the best talent is waiting to be found

Our auditions are open to everyone, are easy to apply, are person-centred, and take place in a safe space.

They are based entirely on skill and equity.

And most of all

we will be honest, open, and ethical in all we do.

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