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The Be You Group is embracing a new collaborative framework, utilising the unique skills of our members to better serve the needs of our community.

Be You Group consists of 3 principal leadership bodies; 

The Board, led by the President

Operations Team, led by the CEO

Advisory Body, led by the Advisory Head.

Strategic Board

Led by the President, the strategic board is composed of general board members and the board executive, including the Vice president, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Strategic Board should drive the core values of the organisation, consistently reviewing and evaluating the programs and projects of the company to ensure they are best serving the organisation’s purpose. They are responsible for the governance of the charity, including its policy and procedure.


The Board meets once a month to review current projects, discuss and plan new initiatives, and ensure the required governance documentation is up to date.

Setting the Strategic Direction

The board is responsible for setting the strategic direction and long-term goals of the organisation. They decide on the overall mission, vision, and core values.

Oversight and Governance

The board provides oversight and governance, ensuring that the organisation operates within legal and ethical boundaries. They make important decisions regarding policies, bylaws, and financial matters.

Financial Oversight

The board reviews and approves budgets, financial reports, and fundraising strategies. They ensure that financial resources are allocated effectively to support the organisation's mission.

Operations Team

Led by the CEO, the operations team is composed of individuals that are involved in the organisation and execution of one or more projects or initiatives. The team consists of Operations Management, who coordinate ongoing initiatives and other day-to-day activities for the organisation, as well as team members, who operate on a project-specific basis.


The operations management team meets once every 2 weeks to align on current progress and priorities. All other team members are expected to engage with meetings on a variable per-project basis.


Program and Initiative Implementation

The operations team follows the guidance provided by the CEO to implement the planning, development, and execution of programs and initiatives. They ensure that activities are carried out in line with the organisation's mission and values.

Resource Management

The operations team ensures that the financial, personnel and facilities requirements for the organisation's programs and initiatives are utilised effectively.


The operations team manages the communication between the organisation and the community. 

Advisory Body

Led by the Advisory Head, the advisory body are members of the community with specialised expertise and knowledge, who are willing to lend their unique insights to aid the organisation when consultation is required. 


The Advisory Body will meet bi-annually with the CEO and Advisory Head to discuss current areas of interest or concern within the larger theatre community, and make recommendations and suggestions for the organisation as a whole.

Expert Guidance

The advisory body provides specialised expertise and insights to guide the organisation's strategies and initiatives, particularly in areas that align with their expertise.

Program Development and Improvement

The advisory body advises on the development and improvement of programs, ensuring they align with best practices, especially in relation to equity, inclusion, balance, and belonging.


The advisory body advocates for diversity, inclusion, balance, and belonging within the organisation. They offer guidance on how these principles can be embedded in the organisation's activities.


Advisory Head

This new leadership role within the Be You Group is a consultative position that would be ideal for someone who is interested in creating connections, sourcing unique perspectives, and ensuring that Be You continues to serve the needs of its members and the theatre community as a whole. 

Working closely with the CEO and President, the Advisory Head will be called upon to reach out to members of the community and seek expert opinions in situations where further input is required by the Operations or Executive team. This would include consulting on new project proposals, especially in relation to equity, inclusion, balance, and belonging.

The Advisory Head is not required to provide expertise or advice themselves, but rather to operate as a conduit for others who have relevant expertise.

Advisory Head
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