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Welcome to our hall of fame for Broadway Unplugged's Resident Artists!


Since 2017, our stage has been graced by a remarkable roster of talented individuals who have brought their passion for the performing arts to life in the heart of Melbourne. As we take you on a journey through the years, you'll discover the extraordinary artists who have graced our stage and witness their incredible growth as performers.

What sets our Resident Artists apart is not only their exceptional talent but also the unique experience they gain in a raw, unfiltered, and intimate environment. Broadway Unplugged provides a platform for these emerging talents to explore their craft, experiment with their artistry, and connect with audiences on a deeply personal level.

Many of our Resident Artists have gone on to achieve remarkable success in the commercial theater world, mainstream pop, and even a few Tik Tok celebrities. Their stories are a testament to the power of nurturing emerging talent and the potential for greatness that resides within each artist who takes the stage at Broadway Unplugged.


This year was the first time we used the term Resident Artists.

They were:


Diona Hill

Alisha Mwangi

Rebecca Price

Caitlin McCallig

Saša Nikolic


Nabs Adnan



Our 2020 group was our first online cohort (unwillingly, but did so with finesse)

They were:


Sean Donehue

James Macaulay

Alexis Longley

Jessica Ciccarelli

Bek Schilling

Alex Jackson

Georgia Latchford


Our 2019 vocalists were our second year of open auditions.

They were:

Louise Roupas

Bradley Bersano Beard

Chelsea Homan

William Hinz

Madeline Crofts

Jacob Kuek

Bridie Pamment


This was our first year with open auditions. We also had two cohorts this year.

We began the year with:


Steven Throup

Jessie Singleton

Stephanie Powell

Bridie Pamment

Greta Wilkinson

Connor Sweeney

And ended with:


Callum Warrender

Steven Throup

Tyler Warwick

Bridie Pamment

Ren Jiang

Jessie Singleton

Greta Wilkinson


Our 2017 vocalists were third year VCA students who donated their time. They were:

Owen McCredie

Kala Gare

Alec Steedman

Teagan Nowicki

Thomas McGuane

Amelia Wilson

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