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Be You Productions is excited to present out 2022 production of Ordinary Days at the MC Showroom. 

This show is about connection; four individual people struggling to connect. It's made up of pieces that, like its characters, reveal themselves to be part of a much bigger story than we might have first imagined.

Our version of the show is double cast, with every performance presented showcasing a different combination of people - no two performances will be the same, and each actor will have a buddy to work on character development.


Be You Group is proud of our diverse community and want to ensure that people feel welcome and empowered in equal measure. Belonging and Balance are at the forefront of all that we do.

As such, our casting process reflects our commitment as an organisation to ensure we are creating an inclusive environment with balanced representation.

Be You Productions works under an Ethical Profit Share model.

The Directors for Ordinary Days!


Bradley Dylan (he/they)

Music Director:
Daniele Buatti (he/him)

Assistant Director & Movement Director:
Bronya Doyle (she/her)

Associate Music Director:

John Mondelo (he/him)

Associate Director:

Lana Davey (they/them)

Technical Director:

Oliver Ross (he/him)


Overseeing this fabulous team is our wonderful Producer Nabs Adnan (he/him)


Words hold power, so we’ve appointed multiple directors who will collaborate over each discipline to support our show and our cast to place storytelling at the centre of Ordinary Days. We believe a democratic model where everyone’s voices are heard and everyone is included in decision making creates the most dynamic shows and embraces diverse experiences and contributions.

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