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I've learned that people will forget what you said, 

people will forget what you did, 

but people will never forget how you made them feel.

- Maya Angelou


Be You is a charity focussed around education and empowerment in the music theatre space. The sole purpose of the organisation is to make ourselves obsolete by creating universal standards that work towards a music theatre industry that is inclusive, representative of the diversity of our context, and centres these diverse stories as the core of music theatre.

We believe the narrative is key to the story and our emotional connection, not the presentation. We empower and inspire performers, challenge industry norms, and provide opportunities to artists from all backgrounds. Their core purpose is to create a more inclusive and supportive musical theatre community where diversity is celebrated, and every individual has the chance to shine.


Key to this, we are focused around addressing the inequities of the music theatre industry through the redistribution of power, disruption of unchallenged norms, and actively holding space for marginalised and emerging performers.

At the heart of what we do are our values: Be Balanced, and You Belong.


We use best practices from across industries to help create a more robust music theatre space and set standards for teamwork and professionalism in an otherwise unregulated industry. Be You runs educational workshops and courses to empower young performers with technical and non-technical skills, fosters new works and creates spaces for performers by putting on full-scale professional productions.


We want an independent music theatre industry where:

  • Every single person feels confident pursuing their goals

  • Companies are open and transparent about their processes

  • Power is available to everyone, and not just directors and production teams

  • An ethical profit share model is used to benefit everyone working on a show


We seek to create meaningful and lasting change for a fairer, more sustainable system. We strive to create a space for authentic and empowered storytelling, where diversity across all dimensions is not only embraced but actively celebrated.


Be You strives to create a space where you can Be Balanced where You Belong.


Balance and Belonging are at the heart of all that we do; through this lens we aim to create systems and processes to ensure greater equilibrium is found. We’re a company that foregrounds collaboration between diverse people, and through these efforts foster their ability to create, lead, and engage in all that we do

Be Balanced

Balance to us is when everyone feels they not only have a seat at the table but have an equal opportunity and power.


  • We will seek to follow equitable decisions making processes, based on your personal circumstances.

  • We will seek to counteract any inherent bias and aims to remove any barriers to participation.

  • We will strive to always improve, owning fault and seeking ongoing feedback to ensure accountability for our actions.



  • We will model transparency; we are honest and open.

  • We will uphold strict conflict of interest policies to ensure casting opportunities are truly open

  • We will be measured and reasoned in our approaches and decisions.

You Belong

Belonging is founded on our sense of community, where you can come as you are and be accepted wholeheartedly for you.


  • We will seek to empower people to reach their full potential.

  • We will seek to create psychologically safe spaces.

  • We will strive to create a workforce and theatre industry that is reflective of our community, taking steps to ensure all voices are equally heard.



  • We will normalise seeking support, values your time and respect your decisions​

  • We will act with compassion and understanding.

  • We will be committed to tell stories with diverse perspectives.

  • We believe that more voices create more robust and balanced decisions

  • We value your time and respect your decisions

Brendan Jelley (he/him)
Casting and Communications Director

Brendan is an Agent, Casting Director, and Communications Specialist with a background as a performer. His experience working on all sides of the casting process, has given him a unique perspective & expertise in supporting actors careers and assisting to develop their personal brand.

A proud member of the Be You Operations team he strives for an industry of empowered performers, creatives and companies. He aims to promote a more balanced & inclusive industry in his roles as Casting and Communications Director.

As an advocate for supportive environments in what can be a tough industry,

Brendan always strives to challenge stigma, create opportunities, and share insight through experience.


Daniele Buatti (he/him)
Head of Broadway Unplugged & Graphic Design

A highly skilled Music Director, Arranger, Orchestrator, Pianist, and Voice Coach in Melbourne, Daniele brings a holistic coaching approach to singers. Serving as the Musical and Creative Director of Broadway Unplugged since 2013, he leads a skilled band, crafts captivating arrangements, and delivers exciting concerts six times a year.

Daniele's expertise extends to institutions like VCA, AIM, Ministry of Dance, and VCASS, where he serves as Music Director, Répétiteur, Accompanist, Vocal Coach, and Music Theory teacher.

With an extensive musical background, Daniele has directed notable productions, including The Musical of Musicals: The Musical (Be You Productions), A Chorus Line (Federation University), A Little Night Music (Watch This), Bring It On (Stage Masters), and The Beautiful Game (Manilla Street Productions).

Rebecca Price (she/her)
Operations Director

Rebecca is a proud descendant of the Tagalaka people of Far North Queensland and was recently an artist of the 2021 Maybe This Time showcase. Recently graduating with her Bachelor of Music (Music Theatre) from AIM, her love of engaging and performing with like-minded creatives to foster healthy work environments and inclusive conversations has her excited to be part of Be You. She served as a board member for three years before moving over to our operations team.

Moving forward, her dream for the future of the theatre industry is one where everyone’s voice is heard and inclusivity and empowerment is second nature.


The Be You Operations Team

Bradley Dylan Head.png

Bradley Dylan (he/they)
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the founder of Be You, Bradley is the artistic voice and vision behind all of its projects. His passion for leadership, holistic approach to sociology and social systems, and degrees in business, management, and applied psychology, coupled with extensive experience in running production companies and performing arts studios since 2004, gives him a unique perspective on the future of theatre, and how best to use applied psychological approaches for the betterment of everyone involved. 

Bradley is an accredited Coach, a member of the Diversity Council Australia, the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, and has recently completed a Master of Social and Organisational Leadership.

He is the Producer of Broadway Unplugged and Artistic Director of Be You Productions.

The Be You Board


Laura de Iongh (she/her)

Through a lifetime of dance experience that led her to choreographing musicals in London, Laura brings her love of creation and organisation to the board, helping us to tailor our programs to suit wide audiences. As both a performer and creative team member, Laura brings a unique perspective to Be You that helps guide our values, and create safe, supportive theatre experiences.

Harry Tibballs (he/him)
Secretary / Vice President

 Our inaugural secretary, Harry brings years of committee and secretariat experience in a range of educational and cultural charities and not-for-profit organisations to our board. His passion for helping others is the driving force behind the board’s productivity, while performing in shows and working as a Doctor.

Harry believes in balance, and that everyone involved in staging musicals should be kind, productive and prioritise fun. He created and runs our

Be New program.


Jacqui Martin (she/her)

Jacqui Martin is a Melbourne based performer, director and arts creative working across many fields in the industry. As a director, Jacqui has worked in children’s theatre for 11 years producing shows that toured Australia, which she also performed in. In 2023, she directed a new Australian play by Lydia Kuelsen, ‘Burn it.’ Then again for the tour to Adelaide Fringe in 2024. Directing is a passion for Jacqui and she delights in collaborative projects where the work is created with writer, performer and director.


As a performer, Jacqui most recently performed in ‘Hamlet’ as Gertrude/Gravedigger/Player 1/Polonius, 

Helena/Titania/Snug/Egeus/Puck in ‘Midsummer’ (Sheoak Productions), Silvia/Lucetta/Antonia in ‘Two Gents’ (That’s Classic Entertainment) and in ‘Dancing Queen Immersive Dining Experience’ (Viral Ventures). 

Jacqui also recently returned to study to complete her Cert IV in Music Theatre at Theatre Blacks and is the current Victorian Rep for Australian Stage Combat Association.


Jacqui is currently working as Operations Manager at Dancehouse, home for contemporary dance, in Carlton North. She is excited to be joining the Be You Group and their Board as Treasurer. 

Adele Hirst (she/her)
Board Member

Adele is passionate about creating inclusive spaces and empowering people to realise their fullest potential. She is a learning & development professional with proven experience in consulting, stakeholder management, learning design, project management, and delivery at regional and country levels.

As an avid world explorer, Adele considers herself a lifelong learner with deep curiosity who loves exploring and listening to people's unique stories. She is driven to make a difference for people and society everyday.

Board 2023_edited.jpg
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