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Broadway Unplugged is Australia's Musical Theatre industry night.

Born as an idea to support the musical theatre industry, Broadway Unplugged provides
a platform for performers to do what they do best in a supportive environment.


Hosted by the incomparable Gillian Cosgriff and musically lead by Music Director, Daniele Buatti.


Produced by Bradley Dylan & Weng Yi Wong

Performed bi-monthy at The Toff in Town.

Broadway Unplugged's mission is to create a platform for performers to showcase their talent in a supportive and inclusive environment. It aims to provide opportunities for both emerging and established artists to perform and connect with the musical theatre community.

It serves as a platform where artists can express themselves and contribute to the development of the emerging artistic community in Melbourne while also raising funds for charitable purposes. Everyone who is involved with Broadway Unplugged is a volunteer other than our band and host, who are on a low stipend to maximise fundraising efforts.

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