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  • Are you looking for personalised feedback and guidance on your brand as an artist?

  • Do you need help marketing yourself to agents?

  • Are you a freelancer that needs to get your branding together?

  • Maybe you want further support with your personal marketing, regardless of representation?

If so, we’d love to support you in answering these questions.

We’re in the business of breaking down barriers to entering into the music theatre industry. We believe everyone should have access to audition briefs, and are now providing a low cost bespoke service to work to bring out the best in you, and support you in reflecting this in your personal branding.

In our sessions, you will receive personalised feedback, guidance, and coaching on how to best showcase who you are as an artist and how to stand out from the crowd. We’re here for you the next time you submit for an audition, contact an agency, or simply have many questions on your next steps in your performing arts career.

How it works
  • Attend a free 15 minute initial consultation session where we discuss your needs and outline a personalised plan that will help build your brand.

  • We will discuss how we will work in subsequent sessions and set a plan for when these will be and what work we will undertake for you in the interim, and come to an agreement on a consultation costing that works for you and your budget. 

  • We believe this should be an accessible service so please let us know what support you would like from us in your email or in your initial session.

With Be You, you’re not alone. Many of our community have expressed that they have never learned how to market themselves as an artist or represent their brand, and we’re here to help change that. We’ve had a lot of success teaching this through our Maybe This Time program and want to share this knowledge with those in need.

Brand You is run by Be You.

The funds of your consultation sessions go directly toward supporting our projects. We will also put aside some of our funds raised to provide free services to those experiencing disadvantage, both financial and otherwise.

What do we offer?

A taste of what we bring to the table, through our skills in both the business of music theatre, agency representation, and psychology will support our services and help you to beat the system.

Gradient Background

Providing reflection

How are you coming across to others? We’ll help you understand what producers are looking for, and how you can improve your online presence.


The Team


Brendan - Lead Consultant

Brendan Consultation.png

Brendan Jelley (he/him) is a Agent, Casting Director,  and Communications Specialist with a background as a performer.


With experience on all sides of the casting process, he has expertise in marketing yourself as a professional artist and knows what makes people stand out the most.


He has also helped many artists to develop their brand and marketing materials through Brand You as well as in Be You Inc’s ‘Maybe This Time’ professional development program.

Bradley - Consulting Advisor

Brad Consulation.png

Bradley (he/they) is an accredited Coach who provides career guidance and personal brand development for performers, creatives, and business leaders.


The founder and CEO of Be You, Bradley has a passion for leadership, holistic approach to sociology and social systems, and degrees in business, management, and applied psychology, along with extensive experience in running production companies, casting processes and performing arts studios. He created and leads the ‘Maybe This Time’ Professional Development Program supporting emerging artists to develop their brand and navigate the industry. 


He wants a world where everyone has access to paid performance opportunities and is working hard to remove barriers

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