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Bradley Dylan (he/they)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Be You Group

Producer - Broadway Unplugged & Be New

Artistic Director - Be You Productions

Director and Lecturer - Maybe This Time

Consulting Advisor - Be You Underground's Brand You

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My Story

Bradley (he/they) is an accredited Coach who provides career guidance and personal brand development for performers, creatives, and business leaders.


The founder and CEO of Be You, Bradley has a passion for leadership, holistic approach to sociology and social systems, and degrees in business, management, and applied psychology, along with extensive experience in running production companies, casting processes and performing arts studios. He created and leads the ‘Maybe This Time’ Professional Development Program supporting emerging artists to develop their brand and navigate the industry. 


He wishes for a world where everyone has access to paid performance opportunities and is working hard to remove barriers.


As for his qualifications:

  • Accredited Organisational Coach (Level 3)

  • Master of Social and Organisational Leadership

  • Bachelor of Business majoring in Management

  • Associate Degree in Applied Psychology majoring in Sociology and Counselling

  • Diploma in Accounting (which helps with financial skills!)


Brad utilises each of these to bring balance and belonging to theatre, while ensuring an effective people-centred business model and culture. Bradley is a member of the Diversity Council Australia and the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. By day, he works for the Australian Government as a People and Culture Coordinator.

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