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Be You presents Music Theory For Performers led by Daniele Buatti.
This workshop is centred around gaining a better understanding of fundamental music theory concepts.

This workshop is suitable for those that consider themselves beginner or intermediate.

Daniele will focus on how to interpret music and how to read basic music notation.
Daniele will also teach you some basic music interpretation skills, aimed at those who need to read sheet music for rehearsals, auditions etc but have never been taught. Daniele loves to combine teaching with practical examples and interactive learning, so this workshop is for performers of all confidence levels.

We’d like the content of this workshop to be tailored to your preferences, so please fill the below survey:

This will give Daniele a good feel for where the biggest gaps are, and tailor the content accordingly.

We ask for a $10 donation to attend this workshop

Please email once you’ve made your payment to secure your spot.


I gained a greater understanding of music theory as a whole, but also some little tricks and tips to make sight reading easier and how to locate clues in the music

We were presented with a great well rounded amount of information regarding basic music theory which was a great refresher.

The visual of Daniele writing the music notation at the same time as explaining the theory was beneficial.

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