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Applications Now Open

Be You Ed is excited to be presenting Maybe This Time again in 2024 and we’re looking for our next cohort of 12 emerging artists.

In our fifth year of MTT we'll work with you to empower you to take on the industry by providing over 60 hours of workshops and interactive sessions with some of the industry's brightest business minds. By the end of this course you will have:

  • An improved audition repertoire book with personalised professional audition cuts, suitable to your personal brand and skill

  • A professional, eye-catching CV and the skills to tailor it to every audition application

  • Showreel footage filmed professionally on a stage with a professional accompanist

  • A one-on-one personalised Brand You session to ensure you're on the right track

  • Knowledge and wellbeing to feel comfortable in audition settings

  • A small community of emerging artists to lean on, share with, and support your journey through your career

  • Direct connections to producers, directors, agents, music directors, and other industry professionals

  • Gained insight into developing and owning your authentic personal brand

We want to empower and prepare you for your career in the music theatre industry by teaching you sustainable skills in:

  • Wellbeing for performers, including managing your emotions and dealing with anxiety;

  • Communication, both in how you represent yourself, how to market yourself, and how to be seen as a professional; and

  • Preparation, in both organising your life as a performer, and also how to show up to rehearsals with confidence.

How will we achieve this?

Daniele Buatti, Bradley Dylan, and Brendan Jelley have years of experience running Broadway Unplugged and Be You Group, and in the professional industry.

They've noticed that while rehearsals, shows, and showcases always have the goal of staging the show at the end, this is a finite goal.

Your journey within this industry is infinite.

We will consult with our successful applicants to tailor our curriculum to your personal needs and provide a person-centred approach to your journey with us.

Image by Eneida Hoti

Wellbeing for Performers

How to take care of your mental health through mindfulness, meditation, managing your emotions, emotional intelligence, and dealing with anxiety.

Image by Austin Chan


Developing your personal brand, how you represent and market yourself, communication techniques for casting, and showing professionalism while being true to you

Image by Andrew Neel


Including audition prep, what's expected from you in rehearsal, and organising your life as a performer, and also how to show up to auditions and rehearsals with confidence

Gimme the dates


Submissions close Friday 16 February

Find the application form button above or below with further details 

Meet and Greet

Wednesday 27 March at 7pm


Our time together will start on Sunday 31 March, and will be every following Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday until the final recording (barring 8, 10, 14 April).

Sunday times: 1pm - 5pm at The Space in Prahran

Mondays are 6:30 to 9:30pm at Be You HQ in Toorak

Wednesdays will be over Zoom from 6:30 to 9:30pm

Final Recording

will be performed for each other at the MC Showroom

on 19 May 2024

How much will it cost?

We believe in making opportunities such as these affordable

and accessible.

We will charge a fee to cover the rehearsal venue hire and session costs, which at this stage is $95.

Theatre doesn't have to be expensive when it comes from the heart.

We are also offering two scholarships for people who are experiencing financial disadvantage or come from a systemically disadvantaged background.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for passionate performers who just need a break.

People who put the story first when they perform, or want to learn how to! Hard-working performers who want to make their mark on the music theatre industry.

Audition Details

The initial round is a video submission and application form.

The callback round will be a quick interview.

Our application form allows us to learn a bit about you. We’ll use your response to understand what’s important to you from the moment you apply, and what you feel you need to be provided to be empowered.

Please prepare a video with the following:

  • A short introduction that introduces yourself and what you find challenging about your career as a performer.

  • Two contrasting songs (one that you feel really shows storytelling and one that you find challenging).

Each song should be a maximum of 32 bars/one minute each.

Any videos over 3 minutes are likely to be stopped, so put your best 32 bars forward!

If you’re not ready to submit but would like us to provide extra support, please launch the form and register as interested - we will then be in contact with you to help you through the process. There is no issue great or small that we won’t help with, so please reach out to Brendan or through the form.

More information​ / FAQs



Be You is a person-centred organisation,

with it’s only mandate being to empower performers.

We believe empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident through developing a positive sense of self and being provided with the resources required to succeed.


We see so many talented people out there in the industry who are just waiting to catch a break. We’ve seen how those with degrees from certain schools are more likely to get in the room, and we spent a while looking in to the reasons this happens by interviewing people from all levels of the industry. One thing consistently came up: talent is not really that important, what IS important is the skills that lie in between.


Preparation, Communication, Wellbeing.

These three skills aren’t being taught outside of the schools (often not even within) and without these skills, it’s hard for casting agents to assess you from an application to audition, let alone to then successfully audition and hit rehearsals with a professional attitude, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

Your journey is infinite, and we wish to use our resources to instil this infinite mindset in our cast. You can go many places to learn how to sing, dance, and act – we’re interested in developing the spaces in between.


To align with our values, we will be running a person-centred casting process.

This will feel odd to some people, as we’re basing our audition approach on finding out who you are, where you need to go, if we’re able to help you get there, and the non-talent-related outcomes that you would benefit from.


The first step is to fill out our application form which we’re using to learn about you while we see you for an audition. We’ll use your response to understand what’s important to you from the moment you apply, and what you feel you need to be provided to be empowered.


Our curriculum is being provided with our application form. We’ll use these responses to begin prioritising the parts of each pillar, Preparation, Communication, and Wellbeing, to home in on exactly what you’re interested in pursuing.


If you meet our criteria of being someone we feel will benefit from being cast in the showcase, we’ll invite you to an interview.


The interview will be an informal chat about your application and your desired within the industry.

After this, the panel will discuss what we’ve seen throughout the process from everyone and decide on who we would like to offer an opportunity to within the cast.


Once we have a cast, Brad will meet with everyone individually to talk about your needs and goals and ideas, take that away and develop a plan of action based on everyone’s needs.

This process allows us to be focused on the needs of the individuals and group we have. We believe the best way to empower people is to meet them where they are and foster growth from there, rather than telling you what you all need and trying to make you fit our mould. You have your own story, and that story is the one we’re most passionate about telling.

We’re not asking for specific mentors before we cast as this group may not require the skills that a mentor is there to teach. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time in providing you with anything you won’t benefit from. We’ll use our connections through Broadway Unplugged to find mentors that suit the needs of our cohort.

In our initial introductory rehearsal, we'll roll out your specialised curriculum, talk about the mentors we've asked to come and help and have a plan for how the whole process will run.

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