Production Team Application


Be You Productions is excited to announce our 2022 production of Ordinary Days to be staged in October at the MC Showroom.

We are now seeking two/three associate production team members for paid opportunity through ethical profit share.


Our wish is that our successful candidates will be coached throughout the process to take over from the lead team by the end of rehearsals, becoming Directors in their own right. There is also the option to stay as an associate and support the team - the offer of growth is there and the choice will be yours.


Set in New York City, this completely sung through musical follows four characters, Claire, Jason, Warren, and Deb, exploring how their ordinary lives connect in the most amazing ways.

Our Vision

This show is about connection; four individual people struggling to connect. It's made up of pieces that, like its characters, reveal themselves to be part of a much bigger story than we might have first imagined.

Our show will be double cast, with every show presented showcasing a different combination of people - no two shows will be the same, and each actor will have a buddy to work on character development.



Each actor will be chosen for their personal abilities rather than them being the 'perfect fit' for the role. Whether our actors are a different gender, vocal range, height, ability etc to what one would expect for each role, every role will be open to every performer.

We will work to make the role's requirement fit our chosen performers, allowing us to pick from a diverse range of people.

Be You Productions is a Melbourne based independent theatre company that strives to create sustainable theatre using an ethical profit share model. We're a new production company that seeks to disrupt the powerful people in the industry. We believe in empowering our cast and crew through creating and supporting a safe working environment and using our ethical profit share model to ensure everyone receives ethical and fair compensation for their efforts.


As we are in the business of empowerment and providing opportunities for growth and development, we are seeking multi-disciplinary applicants who have an interest in:

  • Direction

  • Music Direction

  • Movement

  • Design


If you are interested and don’t know if you have enough experience, please apply regardless! We’d love to hear from you, as we’re always looking for passionate people who want to get their foot in the door as a leader in the music theatre community.

These positions are part of our ethical profit share model and we use contracts approved by MEAA.


We actively encourage submissions from creatives who identify as IBPOC, culturally, gender and body diverse and/or those living with disabilities (visible or nonvisible).

We are proud of our diverse community and want to ensure people feel welcome to be considered for any of the positions available.

Important Dates:

Production Applications close:

7 May

Auditions Open:

4 June

Rehearsal Workshop: 

Three sessions between 7-14 August



Mon, Wed, Sun

18 September - 23 October


26-30th October 2022

Leading Directors:

Bradley Dylan (he/they) & Daniele Buatti (he/him)


Nabs Adnan (he/him)