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The Be New Showcase 2023

Our Shows


by Hamish Pickering

An evocative journey that delves into the lives of three generations grappling with the complexities of adulthood. With heartfelt performances and a poignant narrative, this musical explores the universal themes of love, self-discovery, and the beautiful messiness of growing up. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and reminded of the power of human connections.

Ace of Hearts

by Natasha Pearson and Hayden Dun

An empowering musical that sheds light on the journey of coming to terms with asexuality in modern Australia. With its powerful storytelling and heartfelt melodies, this show aims to foster understanding, acceptance, and inclusivity within our society. Be prepared to be swept away by an emotional rollercoaster that will challenge perspectives and leave a lasting impact.

Find Ace of Hearts: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Performers in Residence

What have we done so far?

  • Every week was allocated to one writer and their show. In each session, we did a deep dive into whatever material has been selected and explore its structure, adherence to theatrical conventions and how it fits within the structure of the show as a whole. 

  • Each writer had a team of performers in residence who learned and provided feedback on their specific show. 

  • The focus weeks alternated, allowing writers and performers in residence enough time to process feedback, make changes or write new material before the next session.

  • Everyone attended every week, even if it's not 'your week'. It was incredibly valuable to contribute to the work of others as writers or performers, and thinking critically about musical theatre structure and composition benefited our own understanding of each work.

  • The final showcase will allow each writer to share the product of their hard work with family and friends, as well providing them with footage for use as part of a promotional showreel for the writers and performers.


Harry Tibballs: An analyst at heart and a literal doctor during business hours, Harry brings a critical eye to the structure and thematic flow of musical theatre writing. A performer and champion baker, he supports a balanced and measured approach to writing.

Laura de Iongh: A performer, director, and choreographer, Laura's area of interest is in creating meaningful characters that connect with audiences. A psychology graduate, she incorporates her knowledge of human behaviour into her approach.

Daniele Buatti: A composer, music director, vocal coach, and kinesiologist, Daniele brings a holistic approach to music and storytelling. A teacher and mentor in every sense of the word, he brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to the program.

Our team is supported operationally by Mikaela Innes, Jenny Le, Lily Jones, and Bradley Dylan.

Everyone involved is a volunteer.

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