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Are you an Emerging Artist?

At Broadway Unplugged we give emerging artists the opportunity to take centre stage as a soloist, take an active role in choosing repertoire, meet professional artists, and provide a safe, supportive environment in which to learn and grow as a performer.

Ready to submit?


A text copy of this brief can be found here for screen reading software. 


Please contact us if you require any additional support in submitting or during the audition process. We believe this process should be accessible and are happy to be called in at any time to help you - email


We’re committed to treating you as an individual, so if you’re going to struggle to meet this deadline, need us to send you a reminder, or have needs you would like to put forward, please let us know in the audition form.

What we’re looking for:


We’re looking for people who are interested in personal and professional growth within a supportive and education-driven organisation.


We would like our Resident Artists to:


  • Have a desire to take their career into their own hands

  • Possess a self-driven and self-motivated learning style

  • Demonstrate a passion for performing solo and as part of an ensemble

  • Love to learn new and challenging repertoire


What we’re offering:

Our Resident Artists will, in addition to performing as a backing vocalist, be asked to perform repertoire in groups and be offered the chance to perform solo songs at least twice throughout the year. Performing and rehearsing alongside musical theatre professionals, our 2023 team will have a unique opportunity to challenge themselves and grow as performers. 

Our Resident Artists will also have access to one-on-one performance and career goal coaching, as well as access to other Be You initiatives and programs. 


If this has piqued your interest, we encourage you to submit an audition.


2023 Performance Dates 


Must be available on these dates:


February 19 

March 27

May 29

August 7

October 9

December 4


All Toff these dates will require your attendance from 4:30pm. February show is from 12pm.


We will hold four rehearsals on the Sunday evenings five weeks out from each show. 

There is an expectation that Resident Artists will work on their songs in their own time to ensure they are prepared for rehearsal, and our team will make every effort to support this.


Be You Inc is proud of our diverse community and want to ensure that people feel welcome and empowered in equal measure. Belonging and Balance are at the forefront of all that we do. As such, our casting process reflects our commitment as an organisation to ensure we are creating an inclusive environment with balanced representation.

We welcome with open arms performers who identify as Indigenous, Black, a Person of Colour (IBPOC), culturally, gender and body diverse, and people of all abilities. Please let us know how we may further reach out to you and support your application.




We’re accepting video submissions for the first round and our open audition policy will apply. Everyone who applies will be seen.


Please prepare a video with the following:


  • A short introduction that introduces yourself and why you’d like to be a Resident Artist for Broadway Unplugged

  • One musical theatre piece (maximum of 32 bars, no longer than one minute)

  • One non musical theatre piece (maximum of 32 bars, no longer than one minute)


TIP! Choose material that best demonstrates your vocal and acting ability and approach the song as a monologue, with a strong sense of action and storytelling. We are all about authenticity at Broadway Unplugged, so we want to see honesty and passion in your performance.

Ready to submit?



After the initial video submission, our first call back will also be presented via video within a week of submissions closing. 


If you submit your initial audition earlier than the deadline, you may receive your call back material earlier too, and therefore have more time to submit.





  • The self tape doesn't need to be studio quality

  • Ensure that it has been recorded within the past three months, and is not a video of you in a stage performance 

  • Shoot the tape mid-shot to close-up (just below the shoulders to three inches above the top of the head)

  • Reduce visual distractions for the viewer - filming against a blank wall is most ideal.

  • You may use piano, recorded accompaniment, or sing a capella 

  • Don’t use reverb, autotune or other forms of electronic enhancement. We’d like to hear your authentic voice

  • Don’t submit a showreel in place of your audition

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