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Developing and nurturing new Australian works of music theatre


The Be New Program 2023

We're changing things up in 2023 and using everything we've learned from our inaugural program to streamline our processes for a new year. 


Our Shows

We've found our shows!

Ace of Hearts

by Natasha Pearson and Hayden Dun

A coming of age story for a new generation, exploring what it means to fit in when you stand out.


by Hamish Pickering

A story about the evolution of life and love as a burgeoning adult, and the complexities of making your way in the world.

Performers in Residence

A new feature of this year's program, we're looking for passionate performers who love new works to be part of our facilitation team. Our performers in residence will be equal voices in the workshop, and will provide unique performance-based insights throughout the program. 

Our performers in residence will undertake all the reading and singing of the shows required each week, and provide feedback on the characters, plot, vocal ranges, ease of understanding and a multitude of other factors to help to guide the shows as they develop. 

Our performers in residence will also be performing the new works at the showcase at the end of the workshop.

You might be a great performer in residence if you:

  • Love everything about new musical theatre works

  • Feel comfortable singing and reading new librettos

  • Are excited by the opportunity to influence and contribute to amazing new shows

  • Have unique ideas and perspectives 

We believe these shows and characters should be workshopped by many different people with relevant lived experience

We're looking for:

  • Tenor: LGBTQIA+ identifying

  • Tenor: South Asian LGBTQIA+ identifying

  • Baritone: POC identifying

  • Soprano: South Asian identifying


  • Every week is allocated to one writer and their show. In this session, we deep dive into whatever material has been selected and explore its structure, adhearance to theatrical conventions and how it fits within the structure of the show as a whole. 

  • Each writer will have a team of performers in residence who learn and provide feedback on their specific show. 

  • The focus weeks will alternate, allowing writers and performers in residence enough time to process feedback, make changes or write new material before the next session.

  • Everyone attends every week, even if it's not 'your week'. It's incredibly valuable to contribute to the work of others if you are a writer or performer yourself, and thinking critically about musical theatre structure and composition benefits your own understanding of your work.

  • A final showcase will allow you to share the product of your hard work with family and friends, as well providing you with footage for use as part of a promotional showreel for the writers and performers.


Harry Tibballs: An analyst at heart and a literal doctor during business hours, Harry brings a critical eye to the structure and thematic flow of musical theatre writing. A performer and champion baker, he supports a balanced and measured approach to writing.

Laura de Iongh: A performer, director, and choreographer, Laura's area of interest is in creating meaningful characters that connect with audiences. A psychology graduate, she incorporates her knowledge of human behaviour into her approach.

Daniele Buatti: A composer, music director, vocal coach, and kinesiologist, Daniele brings a holistic approach to music and storytelling. A teacher and mentor in every sense of the word, he brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to the program.

Our team is supported operationally by Mikaela Innes, Jenny Le, Lily Jones, and Bradley Dylan.

Everyone involved is a volunteer.


The program will run from 6 May to 29 July


Kew Baptist Church and Kew Library for weekly workshops.

Performing at The Southbank Theatre in The Lawler

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